5 Must Have Baby Images

Motherhood is a wonderful time. Nothing like those bonding moments with your baby. Those times are precious and fly by before you know it. Soon they are running around the house as a toddler! Those moments of tiny hands, feet, and snuggling up to mommy's belly just slip by before you know it.

Understanding the hardship of being a mother with so many responsibilities I thought it best to create a list of the pictures every mother will want to look back at.

1. Baby with Mommy

Carrying a baby for 9-months is something amazing. Moms sometimes feel a bit shy about being in a picture with the baby since their body has changed over the months. It is nothing to shy about and with the right angle you are sure to cherish the photo captured.

2.Baby with Daddy

Nothing like viewing pictures of daddy looking at his precious baby. Looking back at those days of when you could hold your baby in your arms is a special time to freeze in a snapshot.

3. The Details - Hair, Eyes, Feet, Hands

Those precious small details from the baby's hair to their toes will change before you know it. Many people say their baby eye color changes.

4. Picture of Your Kid(s) with the

Having the baby with the kid(s) together helps capture that young bond between siblings. Finding the right location and angle is important in making both mom, dad, and the baby comfortable is important throughout the session.

5. Full Family Picture

As your family reflects on the joy and happiness together with the new baby is the perfect way to capture the extension of your family at the current time period. Whether you have additional little ones for the pictures or it's just the three of you, a picture of the whole family is a wonderful way to pause that moment in your life.

These are just a quick snap of the beautiful type of images perfect to have in your newborn or family photography session. As time flies seeing these special images showcased at a moment's glance is something to treasure such as a photo album or a beautiful canvas on your wall. Freeze the moment in your family's life with a photo session!

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